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Monday, October 8, 2012

NetSmartz Workshop - NetSmartzKids (Ages 5-10) Videos:

NetSmartzKids (Ages 5-10)

This resource is designed to introduce younger children to basic Internet safety concepts through interactions with animated characters—Clicky, a yellow robot, and the sister-and-brother team, Nettie and Webster. Children learn the importance of being safer on- and offline from the repetition of safety messaging in Clicky’s songs. The ultimate goal of NetSmartzKids is to teach children to identify online dangers and practice safer behaviors.

Bad Netiquette StinksBad Netiquette StinksRBS Streaming PresentationRouter's Birthday SurpriseBe Safer OnlineBe Safer OnlineWay 2 Go!Way 2 Go!Beat the TricksBeat The Tricks!Know the RulesKnow the Rules!UYN: The Password RapUYN: The Password RapUYN: The Boy Who Loved IMUYN: The Boy Who Loved IMUYN: Featuring Alyson StonerUYN: The NetSmartz Chat Abbreviation featuring Alyson StonerUYN: The NetSmartz Chat AbbreviationUYN: The NetSmartz Chat AbbreviationUYN: Don't Open That FileUYN: Don't Open That FileClicky's Stolen SongClicky's Stolen Song: A Lesson in Digital EthicsInternet Safety EverydayInternet Safety Every DayKids PSA Be Safer OnlineKids PSA: Be Safer OnlineTell A Trusted AdultTell a Trusted Adult

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