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Thursday, November 29, 2012

8 tips to keep kids safe from sexual predators:

Parents invited to community meeting prompted by child enticement incidents:
7:33 AM, Nov 29, 2012

Jeff Jorgenson, a Menasha police-school liaison officer, keeps a watchful eye on students as they are picked up by their parents after school Tuesday at Gegan Elementary School in Menasha. / Dan Powers/The Post-Crescent.

Written by
Michael King
Post-Crescent staff writer

TOWN OF MENASHA — Recent incidents in the Fox Cities involving strangers making inappropriate advances toward children have heightened parents' worries. Police are holding a public child safety meeting tonight.
Eight ways to safeguard your child:
• Children who get separated from their parents at a store should not wander around to look for them. They should be instructed to go to a checkout counter, the security office or the lost-and-found department and quickly tell the person in charge that they need help.
• Children should never get into a car or go anywhere with anyone unless their parents have told them it’s OK.
• If children are being followed on foot or in a car, they should stay away from the pursuers. Children shouldn’t get close to any car unless a parent or a trusted adult accompanies them.
• Avoid strangers who ask for directions or help in finding a lost puppy.
• If someone tries to take a child somewhere, quickly get away and yell or scream, “This man is trying to take me away,” or “This person is not my father.”
• Never go to places alone. Take a friend.
• Always ask parents’ permission to leave the yard or play area.
• Never hitchhike or try to get a ride home with anyone unless parents have given their approval.
Source: Wisconsin Clearinghousefor Missing and Exploited Childrenand Adults
The Neenah, Menasha and Town of Menasha police departments invite parents and children to attend a 6 p.m. meeting today at the Town of Menasha municipal complex. Police will provide parents with information to keep their children safe and teach children basic preventive tips.
Several child enticement incidents reported this fall recently were linked to a sex offender, but a Nov. 12 incident at a bus stop on Menasha’s east side remains unresolved.
While parents worry about their children being abducted, police say many crimes against children are not done by strangers. That’s why police now lessen the emphasis of the “stranger danger” message when they talk to children about safety.

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