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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chihuahua authorities put photos of missing women, kids on tortilla packages:

By Marisela Ortega Lozano \ El Paso Times

Chihuahua authorities are taking a unique approach to bring attention to missing women and children in Juárez.

Similar to the milk carton campaign in the United States, officials across the border will begin placing the names and faces of missing women and children on packages of tortillas. 

The "Disappearances in Juárez Must Disappear" campaign, begun a year ago, was launched as a means of speeding up the Alba Alert process.


The Alba Alert is similar to the Amber Alert in the United States. 

Authorities said they want to be alerted as soon as possible when someone vanishes. 

The state will circulate 40,000 fliers, 1,600 posters, and 800 pictures with the slogan "Disappearances in Juarez Must Disappear" with the 066 emergency telephone number to report a missing person. 

During November, the fliers will be handed out in 20 neighborhoods that have been identified as high-risk areas in Juárez, officials said.

The posters will be placed on public transportation vehicles, public buildings, manufacturing plants and stores.

Officials will also give lectures and presentations to elementary, high school and college students to make them aware about the disappearances and to educate them about how to file a missing person report, the statement said.

Tortilla factories in Juárez also are part of this campaign.

The tortillas are being sold wrapped with the information on how to report a missing person to the authorities, officials from Department of Foster Development said Monday in a press release.
Chihuauahua state government delivered those wrappers to 36 tortilla factories operating in 20 high-risk neighborhoods in Juárez.

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