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Friday, November 2, 2012

Gordon Trucking adds another missing child photo:

Gordon Trucking adds another missing child photo to fleet 'billboards' | Washington State Patrol 

NOVEMBER 2, 2012 · 1:20 PM

Today, Gordon Trucking, in partnership with IMagic and the Washington State Patrol, will highlighted the Homeward Bound Program and be adding a missing person to their fleet that include posters of missing children from Washington and Oregon.

Kayla Croft-Payne, 18, is the newest addition.  She was last seen in April 2010 in the Chehalis area.

Existing posters currently on Gordon Trucking trailers traveling throughout the region will be updated with more current age progressed photo’s. They include:

  • Kyron Horman, age progressed to 9 years old, missing since June 2010 (went missing at age 7).
  • Sofia Juarez, updated age progressed to 11 years old, missing since February 2003 (went missing at age 5).
  • Agueda Arias, updated age progressed to 13 years old, missing since November 2001 (went missing at age 3).
Kyron Horman, Sofia Juarez and Agueda Arias
Children already in the Homeward Bound Program:
  • Lindsey Baum, missing since June 2009, 10 years old
  • Misty Copsey, missing since September 1992, 13 years old
  • Ronald Frye, missing since September 1993, 15 years old
  • Richard (Cody) Haynes, missing since September 2004, 11 years old
  • Bryce Herda, missing since April 1995, 6 years old
  • Tyler Inman, missing since October 1982, 3 years old
  • Lenoria Jones, missing since July 1995, 3 years old
  • Teekah Lewis, missing since January 1999, 2 years old
  • Katya Lyne, missing since March 1997, 15 years old
  • Loukthayoth Phiangdae, missing since February 1996, 11 years old
  • Joseph Pichler, missing since January 2006, 18 years old
  • Jasmine Sajedi, missing since July 2004, 2 years old
  • Shelby Wright, missing since July 2004, 14 years old
There are also 2 posters on Gordon Trucking trailers that are “In Memory” of victims Zina Linnik and Adre’anna Jackson.

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