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Monday, November 5, 2012

Sky Metalwala remains missing:

"I think her story is a bunch of crap,"said Solomon, on the mother's story.
Julia Biryukova told police that she had run out of gas and walked over a mile away with her four-year-old daughter while two-year-old Sky sat alone in the car. When she returned over a half hour later, he was gone. It's not shocking to see that Solomon doesn't believe the woman's story, since police have long countered it with claims that her car was not out of gas and that a gas can wasn't present.
It should also be pointed out that Biryukova has not yet made pleas with the government to find her son. She is also not being cooperative with police, but she also hasn't been arrested or charged either -- which is a strange detail as well. Officials on this case haven't acknowledged whether or not they believe Sky Metalwala is dead or if he was kidnapped -- or if he was hidden somewhere overseas with his maternal family like Solomon has expressed suspicions of in the past.
Hopefully Julia Biryukova decides to cooperate with officials eventually, but it just doesn't seem like police are very interested in getting to the bottom of this case. If detectives ignored every potential crime suspect who was "uncooperative" then there'd probably be way fewer people in jail in this country.
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