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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Resources to Bless Your Family at

New Resources to Bless Your Family at
NEW! Telling a Child About Adoption
Watch: How to tell a child they're adopted
Single Parent Blues
Watch: Single parent blues
Forgiving Your Parents
Watch: Forgiving your parents
Questions and Answers for Grandparents by Dr. James Dobson

Fathers to Daughters by Dr. James Dobson

Hospitality, A Lost Art by Mrs. Shirley and Danae Dobson
Free Special Reports
Free: Interpreting God's Will
Interpreting God's Will
Free: Building a Marriage That Lasts
Building a Marriage
That Lasts
Free: Parenting with Confidence
Parenting with Confidence
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Brand New from the Dobson Family: Welcome to Our Table

As the wife of psychologist and author, Dr. James Dobson, Shirley has been a gracious host to family, friends, and professionals for many years. She recognizes her home is an evangelistic tool in caring for and encouraging others. Danae Dobson, who is James and Shirley's daughter, lovingly recalls her mother's teaching and role modeling about hospitality and friendship.

Now mother and daughter have compiled illustrations from their celebrations and get-togethers to inspire women to use their homes as a place of ministry. Included are cherished recipes and more than a dozen seasonal occasions. Award-winning photographer, Julie Johnson, artfully captures each setting with special attention to the delicious dishes and lovely table tops.

This beautiful book, as much a family memoir as a cookbook, offers lessons in blessing others through the art of hospitality. It will captivate readers, homemakers, and party planners alike.

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Welcome to Our Table
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